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Connecting to Servers with PuTTY

PuTTY is a free SSH client. SSH is a network protocol that allow you to make a network connection from your PC (the client) to another computer (the server). The network connection carries your keystrokes and commands from the client to the server, and carries the server’s responses back to you. SSH (which stands for secure shell) uses strong cryptography to protect your connection against eavesdropping, hijacking and other attacks.‎

Printing to Department Printers

Available Printers (for Segel and Graduate Students)‎:‎

ps1 (HP LaserJet P4015) , Located on the 1st floor in Research Students room.‎
ps2 (HP Laserjet 600) , Located on the 2nd floor near the copying machines.‎
ps3 (HP LaserJet P4015) , Located on the 3rd floor in the small room near the kitchen.‎
color (HP LaserJet CP4525) for CS segel , Located on the 2nd floor in the secretary’s office.‎

There is an accounting system which monitors usage of the printers.‎

Remote Graphical Applications

To run a graphical application on a remote server and display it on your PC at home, there is a need to transfer the graphic display to your desktop. This can be done either by running an X display on your PC and transferring the X commands from the server to your PC, or by running the X display on the server and transferring the graphics using VNC. The first is easy, the second gives session persistence.‎

מערכת הגשת התרגילים: הוראות למגיש

יש לגלוש לאתר ולמלא כינוי (login) וסיסמא, לאחר מכן יש לבחור קורס קבוצה ותרגיל ולשלוח את קבצי התרגיל. לבסוף חשוב לאשר את ההגשה, האישור מעתיק את הקבצים שנשלחו, מתקייה זמנית לתקיית ההגשה. אין הגבלה על מספר ההגשות לתרגיל, ההגשה האחרונה היא הקובעת.