Connecting with RDP Through a Firewall

Tunnel RDP through SSH with PuTTY

Connect with the PuTTY SSH Client to the remote host.‎
In the session that you opened, click on the upper left corner icon and select
Change Settings …“‎”
Under “Category” select:‎
Under “Add new forwarded port”:‎
Source port: 4000 (You can choose other port numbers but not 3389)‎
Destination: hostname_or_ip_of_remote_desktop:3389
Click “Add”‎
Click “Apply”‎
Leave PuTTY running.‎
Choose the Session tab, give a name and Save the session‎)
‎for future connections)‎

Connect to RDP

Click “Start“‎
Type “Remote Desktop Connection“‎
Computer: localhost:4000‎