Remote Graphical Applications

‎Using X

Install an ssh client and X display

Download and install MobaXterm.‎

Run ssh and transfer X to your dispaly

Run MobaXterm and type:‎


Ignore messages type password and run the graphical application (e.g. matlab)‎.‎

Using VNC

Install a VNC Viewer

Download and install a VNC Viewer (e.g. RealVNC).‎

Run a VNC Server on the application host

Connect with the PuTTY SSH Client to remote server and run:‎


If you ran this command on planet, just follow the instructions displayed on the screen,‎
else continue with the following instructions:‎

In the response, note the display number (N) that your VNC server received:‎
‎”New VNC server is planet:N” (e.g. “New VNC server is planet:3” N=3)‎

Tunnel VNC through SSH with PuTTY

Direct access to the VNC server is blocked by a firewall, however the network
connection can be tunneled through SSH.‎
To tunnel with the PuTTY SSH client, in the session that you opened,‎
click on the upper left corner icon and select “Change Settings …”‎
Under “Category” select:‎
Under “Add new forwarded port”‎
Source port: 5900
Destination: hostname:5900+N (e.g. planet:5903)‎
Click “Add”‎
Click “Apply”‎
Leave PuTTY running

Run RealVNC Viewer

Server: localhost