Printing to Department Printers

Printing from UNIX (erdos or noga) postscript, text or pdf files

Print a file

‎lpr ‎   —   print to default printer “ps3” a postscript file
lpr file.txt  —   print to “ps3” a text file, the print server will convert it to postscript‎
lpr file.pdf   —   print to “ps3” a pdf file, the print server will convert it to postscript‎
lpr -Z simplex file_name   —   print one-sided
lpr -Pps2 file_name   —   print to printer “ps2″‎
lpr -Pcolor file   —   print to printer “color”‎
lpr -Pcolor -Z InputSlot=Manual file_name   —   input from manual feed tray (face up)‎‎‎

See status

lpq -Pps2   —   show queue status of ps2

Cancel printing

lprm -Pps2 user_name   —   cancel my print jobs sent to ps2

Installing ps1 | ps2 | ps3 | color printer on Windows 7

All print jobs are routed through a print server (“printhost”)‎.‎

Click Start->Devices and Printers->Add a printer
Select Add a local printer
Check Create a new port
Type of port: Standard TCP/IP port
Click Next

Type a printer hostname or IP address
Hostname or IP address: printhost
Port name: erase printhost and type ps1 or ps2 or ps3 or color
Leave unchecked Query the printer …‎
Click Next

     Additional port information required
Device Type
Check Custom
Click Settings …‎

Configure Standard TCP/IP Port
check LPR
LPR Settings
Queue Name: type ps1 or ps2 or ps3 or color
Check LPR Byte Counting Enabled
Click OK

Click Next

Install the printer driver
Choose HP
Choose HP LaserJet P4014/P4015 PCL6 for ps1 or ps3
Download LaserJet 600 driver for ps2 (or choose HP LaserJet P4014/P4015 PCL6)‎
choose HP Color LaserJet CP4005 PCL6 for color
Click Next

Printer name: type ps1 or ps2 or ps3 or color
Click Next

Leave checked Do not share this printer
Click Next

Click Finish

Printing On Both Sides

Start->Devices and Printers
Right click on ps1 or ps2 or ps3 or color
Choose Printer properties

Select Device Settings tab
Find Duplex Unit (for 2-Sided Printing)‎
Click Not Installed
Select Installed
Click Apply

Select Advanced tab
Click Printing Defaults …‎
Select Finishing tab
Check Print On Both Sides
Click OK